MadeRight Technology Group is now STiYLE

Since 1999, STiYLE has been a leader in innovation and technology services for Central Pennsylvania. Under the MadeRight Technology Group and STiYLE brands, we have designed quality websites and media for clients in all industries and of all sizes. We've designed everything from school and church websites to even a site for a presidential candidate!

We began as a co-op of technology and web professionals who were committed to providing economical, easy-to-use technology solutions for small businesses. Specializing primarily in web development, MadeRight provided affordable database-driven solutions that gave the website owners control.

In 2001, we transformed our traditional web design model where clients need to pay for every change to their website. We believed that clients should be able to make changes to their website and we directed our efforts into designing a system that would allow us to build custom sites around a website "engine". This allowed our clients to easily make changes on their own. While most website development companies have caught on, many have reduced their services to pre-designed templates and layouts. We assign a web developer to personally work with you to create your website. Our easy-to-use content solutions allow our clients to edit the content of their websites anytime, day or night, from any computer with internet access.

Although many years have passed, our commitment to quality design, service and innovation has remained unchanged. It is this commitment that led us to re-brand and offer more top-notch technology services. The STiYLE team has over 15 years of experience in web development, graphic design, video production, DJ services, IT services, and creating audio/visual presentations for corporate events and meetings.  Let us "stiylize" your project!